Episode 25: The Moringa Tree Of Life

The Moringa tree has been dubbed the tree of life around the world because it’s amazing health benefits but, many have never heard of it. We have husband and wife entrepreneurs Rachael & Michal Kmita here to tell us all about Moringa and talk about their amazing sweet sipping vinegar which contains over 92 nutrients, 18 amino acids, and 46 natural antioxidants to boost the immune system, support allergy relief, improve memory, increase circulation, decrease inflammation and much more. Haven’t heard of this miracle tree? Well, you are about to find out everything you would ever want to know about this extraordinary plant.


1:48- What Moringa is & what they are doing with Moringa to make a sweet sipping vinegar.

3:47- Michal & Rachael’s background and how they met through a non-profit.

7:12- Rachael’s discovery of Moringa in Africa & why it is is so important for them to educate people on the health benefits they have seen.

12:36- The health benefits of their sweet sipping vinegar & all the nutrients that are in it.

17:05- The different places around the world that use Moringa and why Fidel Castro believed it extended his life.

21:48- Where Michal & Rachael are from and what a camp is.

29:23- What separates their infusions from others out there and why Moringa is quickly becoming the new superfood.

34:38- The different infusions they sell & which flavors have different benefits.

45:30- The production side of Moringa. How they create their amazing infusions.

48:24- Some of the failures and challenges they have had along the way with Moringa.

56:07- Where to buy their infusions and Mike & Rachael’s message to the world.