Episode 4: NaturALL Beef: It's What's For Dinner

In this episode we talk about Beef!  Whether you eat it or not, you will learn a lot from Anna Frye with NaturALL Beef.  We  go into depth on the best feed for cows, different cuts, why to age beef and where to find the best beef.  Enjoy!



1:00- Episode starts with intro to Anna Frye from Naturall Beef Company.  www.bestblackangus.com

1:59- NaturALL Beef company‘s history and what they pride theirselves in. Anna talks about her background of moving to Cambodia when she was younger and her family starting an International School and Orphanage for children affected by aids and HIV.

6:24- Anna’s love for ranch life and her family history of starting the ranch over 60 years ago.

8:37- The cow branding process. Why it is so important to cattle ranching.

12:05- The beef Anna raises and what Anna believes is the best feed to give cattle for the best beef. She also talks about why it is so important to feed cattle good grains in order to get the best beef.

14:45- The typical diet of a cow. Anna talks about the difference between the cow that is sold at regular grocery stores vs a local company and the difference of grass fed vs corn fed cattle and how that affects the cows and the beef. She talks about why it’s important to pay attention to the label for "natural" and what the beef has in it if it is not labeled that way. She talks about how her cows never get any injections whatsoever and live a good life of roaming around and eating instead of sitting in a stall.

19:25- The typical lifespan of cows. Anna talks about the typical lifespan of the cows she raises and what the FDA regulations are for when to butcher a cow.

20:35- The different misconceptions out there about cows including if they are able to eat themselves to death.

23:00- Anna’s thoughts on grass fed beef. She talks about how beef can taste different depending on what the cow eats.

24:27- Where you can find Anna’s beef and what they are doing to educate the community. She also talks about the interest and feedback they have received from people who love their meat.

30:36- The different cuts of meat. Anna talks about her favorite cuts of meat and how it differs for what each different person likes and different health issues. She also talks about the different cuts of meat that people are not aware of.

38:24- Balancing what she sells and what she cuts. She talks about making sure they have an even pace inventory and what they do to keep the balance.

41:53- The aging process. The difference between how true aged beef tastes compared to grocery store aged beef. She also talks about the different types of aging process.

44:12- Some of the funniest stories Anna has from the farmers market. She talks about always encountering people who have misconceptions about grass vs grain fed beef and the different experiences she has had with vegetarians and vegans. She also shares how some vegetarians have told her that they have changed their minds about beef after trying her beef due to medical symptoms going away.

50:43- What selling direct to customer is and why they do it as opposed to selling at big box stores.

56:15- Where to find Anna and her company and the different weekly specials they have including the farmers markets they are at and what they are doing for the fall Festival this year at Bromley Farm.

01:00:55- Wrapping up and final thoughts. Please subscribe