Episode 15: In A Digital World, Never Lose Sight Of The Analog

This week we are talking tech and food. You may not realize it but, there are technological advances happening in the food industry everyday, and we are joined by tech & innovation guru Ben Tyson to tell us about a few that could not only change the way our food industry works but, could change the way we view the internet as a whole. We talk Amazon, Whole Foods, Bitcoin and a platform some may not have heard of, Blockchain. So stick around cause this one is full of unusual information that could give you some insight into our future.



-Ben’s startup philosophy, what Ben does for entrepreneurship & all the things he has dabbled in over the years.

-Tech & Food. Companies out there that are using advancing food technology including the Amazon/Whole Foods relationship & what the 3 of them think of it.

-Tech Fundraising. How it works and how the laws vary state for state.

-Blockchain. What it is, why it could soon change our future and why Ben believes it will be the internets successor.

-How Blockchain could effect the food industry by tracking food from seed to sale and everything in between. As well as many different areas Blockchain could be beneficial in including politics.

-What Ben is doing with Blockchain, what other technologies he is paying attention to including Bitcoin.

-Some of the other areas Ben works in including engraving & virtual reality.

-Ben’s message to the world, it’s a good one!

-Find out more about Ben on the web - Beta Killers - LumEngrave - DenVR