Episode 17: The Farm Bill- Not Just Cows, Sows & Plows

The Farm Bill….we have all heard the name, and have heard that it is super important, but really, what is it? Turns out, farming is actually only a small portion of what the “Farm Bill” is all about. From Renewable Energy, to Forestry, Food Stamps to Rural Economic Development, the Farm Bill is one of the largest pieces of legislation that our Federal Government passes about every five years.  Tune in to listen to Nate and Kim as they speak with Nick Levendofsky of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union for a true deep dive into the Farm Bill, with some great tangents off into Rural Broadband, Cows-Sows-Plows, the Dust Bowl and so much more.  This episode is packed with tons of info, and you will be left with finally knowing what the media is talking about when the Great Farm Bill Debate enters the national dialogue.  Enjoy!!


2:40- RMFU- Rocky Mountain Farmers Union information. What it is, who is involved & what has changed over the years.

12:00- FUSA- The insurance RMFU offers to their members that can include crop, home, farm, auto and more offered through over 60 different carriers.

15:40- The 3 tiers of RMFU & everything involved in it- Education, Cooperation & Legislation.

17:40- The Fall Fly-In that takes place in D.C. where farmers travel from all over the country to talk with legislatures & USDA and this years 3 talking points- Pass a strong Farm Bill, Trade Tariffs & Renewable Energy.

26:45- The Farm Bill. Why it is so much more than just farming and some misconceptions out there about the Farm Bill.

31:00- Rural Internet. How it is involved in the Farm Bill and how important internet could be for rural areas not just for farming but for children & families as well.

36:20- Farm Bill Myths- We debunk a few.

40:45- The Dust Bowl. The truth behind the dust bowl and how the conservation title was created in the Farm Bill to stop it from happening again.

44:35- Breaking Down the Farm Bill- Starting with Title 1- Commodities

46:25- Title 2- Conservation

48:40- Title 3- Trade

54:45- Title 4- Nutrition (Which is 80% of the Farm Bill), Title 5- Credit & Title 6- Rural Infrastructure & Economic Development

58:40- Title 7- Research Extensions & Related Matter

01:03:00- Title 8- Forestry

01:05:40- Title 9- Energy

01:07:35- Title 10- Horticulture

01:09:30- Title 11- Crop Insurance

01:14:15- Title 12- Miscellaneous

01:15:45- What you should do to support the Farm Bill & learn more.

01:17:40- What will happen if the Farm Bill is not passed September 30th 2018 and the possibility of a government shut down.

01:21:15- Final thoughts and Nick’s message to the world.