farmers markets


The Farmers' Market is a great place to shake the hand that feeds you.  We love organizing markets and the vendors have become our chosen family.  The market is a  great place to see the local economy working.  .

Know where your food comes from and how it is grown.
Support local and small businesses.
Hang out and discover your community.

Historic farms


We want to save historic farms!  They are a piece of the community and should be used as a gathering spot.  Several cities are preserving their prominent farms but do not have the time or funds to create a community space.  That's where we can help create a plan and turn forgotten history into a space for local businesses to thrive and the community to get back to their roots.

Provide land to small farmers.
Homestead education for the community.
Gathering space for events and working.

local foods group

The local foods group is at the table from city to state.  We want all elected officials to know how local food impacts the economy.  We organize communities to get better food access.  We love.... Economic Gardening!

Create place.
Eat well.
Enjoy life.