Episode 19: Be Excellent To Each Other & Drink Beer

What is in beer? Is there such a thing as a bad beer? How do you make different types of beer? Well you are about to find out everything you would ever want to know about making beer. Joining us from Big Choice Brewery in Brighton, Colorado are the owners, husband & wife team & craft beer makers, Andrea & Nathanial Miller. Nathaniel & Andrea walk us through how they got into the beer biz, some of the crazy experiments they have had that have either failed or been a huge success and all the different elements that go into making the perfect craft beer.

It’ s a fun one, enjoy!


1:16- Intro Andrea & Nathaniel Miller, discuss how they got involved in beer making and becoming the owners of Big Choice Brewery.

5:35- Running a business as husband & wife, the ups & downs they have gone through and how they have been successful.

12:30- Why they moved from Broomfield to Brighton and what it has been like at their new building.

21:43- What is beer? Andrea & Nathaniel talk about the basic ingredients in beer, what some of the most important parts of the process are, and how to make different types of beers.

32:20- Bad beer? Is there such a thing? We talk about some disaster beers they have tried to create and how the process of making sours can be challenging.

39:00- Filling cans for distribution. Some of the challenges you can face and why the steps after fermentation are so important.

43:13- IPA’s. What the difference is between the different kinds of IPA ’s and the interesting history behind how & why they were created.

47:00- Making their famous #42 Pablano Stout. How it came about, how it turned into one of their best sellers and the fun story behind its name.

51:50- Some other fun facts about their brewery. Where they get their hops, transitioning into serving food and why it’s so important for them to source local.

59:48- Andrea & Nathaniel’s message to the world and where to find them on the web - Facebook & Instagram