Episode 20: Ensuring Farmland is Preserved... Forever

Agriculture & District Planning can be a complicated topic when trying to ensure the future of land & heritage is a bright one. We have Agriculture Innovations Specialist, Anneli Berube here to tell us some of the innovative and resourceful programs that are being done in Colorado to keep up with the ever-growing landscape. We talk about water rights, agritourism, conservation & the tools that are being used including some fun programs to get youth involved like goat yoga! This one is full of great ideas that can be put in place all over the country to make sure we preserve farmland forever.


2:18- District Planning. What it is & how it effects the community.

7:37- Senior Water rights. What exactly that means, how it helps and effects farmers & a little history lesson of a gun battle that happened at the farm over water rights.

12:09- Agritourism. What is entails and why it is so important.

16:38- Conservation Easements. How this legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust or government agency permanently limits uses of the land.

28:13- The tool kits Adams County is doing for Farm to School & Farmland Preservation.

42:55- Branding & Way Finding projects. How this will help ensure the District plan will be a success.

49:28- The District Plan. A summary of the overall goals and how it will stimulate innovative growth opportunities.

55:28- Anneli’s message to the world.