Episode 22: Life Coaching & Small Business

This week, we’re changing things up a bit. Kim sits down solo with business consultant & life coach for mompreneurs, Samantha Siffring. Owner of TBH Life Coaching & Podcast Host, Samantha specializes in helping women who want to pursue small business, are struggling with expanding their business or just need a little help with time management. We discuss what “mind drama” is and how much it can impact our day-to-day tasks, how to overcome “you shoulds” and Samantha shares some advice to those looking to expand their business or just stay on track to realize “you are enough”. Don’t be mislead though, cause this podcast is not just for women or mothers, the info in this podcast might just give you the motivation you need to finally take that plunge and start that new company or conquer any fears you have to just take that next step in life.



2:00- Owning a small business & being a mom. Samantha talks about the clients she works with and how she turned a passion project into a business, helping mompreneurs.

10:15- Time management and staying on task. Samantha shares some advice to those looking to get past the “mind drama”, stay on task, time management and scheduling, with kids at home.

19:00- Samantha’s clients. Samantha talks about what types of clients she works with from new business owners to those who want to take their business to the next level.

22:20- Samantha’s Mompreneuer Dreams. Samantha talks about what she is currently doing as a coach & podcaster and some goals she wants to achieve.

25:05- You Should Lists & Negative Reviews. Kim talks about the battle she goes through with people telling them “you should” and how she feels when she gets negative reviews. And Samantha gives some advice to deal with those types of situations and LET IT GO.

33:29- Samantha’s message to the world… it’s a good one.