Episode 21: Farm Fest Wrap-up

We just wrapped up our Farm Fest last weekend and decided to do a podcast with all the amazing people who were involved and some of the ninjas that came out to compete. Joining us are Weatherman & 4-time American Ninja Warrior Contestant Joe Moravsky, Up and coming Ninja Glenn Albright, Ninja Trainer & Gym Owner Tre Dortch, Co-Owner of LoHi Steak Bar Joe Pettenger, Anna Frye with NaturALL Beef & Former Olympian & ANW Australia Contestant Olivia Vivian, who flew all the way from Australia for a “train-cation” & to compete on the ninja course. We talk weather, how the ninjas train to compete at the highest level, food, animals, ecotourism and much more. Enjoy!


1:19- Intro, what’s coming up on the podcast.

4:15- Joe Morasky. Joe talks about being a weatherman & a ninja, we talk about some tricks that weathermen use, Joe shares some ninja experiences and what he is hoping to accomplish at this course after traveling in from Connecticut.

13:12- Glenn Albright. Glenn talks about coming out to the course last year, how it compares to this year and discuss what it’s like for him to be a younger ninja improving all the time.

17:00- Joe Pettenger of Lo Hi Steak Bar in Denver, Colorado. Joe talks about preparing the menu for the festival, why it’s important to have healthy options at something like this and some of the challenges they have been dealing with cooking in the wind.

20:24- Anna Frye with NaturALL Beef Company. Anna talks about sponsoring free pony rides at the festival and how awesome it is to see kids and adults enjoying the festivities.

24:54- Tre Dortch. Tre talks about being a gym owner and ninja trainer in Texas and traveling to Colorado to help others compete and compete himself.

28:14- Olivia Vivian. Olivia talks about traveling to Colorado from Australia for a “train-cation” and the story behind not thinking she could win money if she got the fastest time. She also talks about being the current leader and what it is like competing against such strong athletes.


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