Episode 7: Chickens Are Chicken

We have Terry Osborne, expert in Poultry Science & Co-Founder of Chicken Track on to talk about everything chickens! We give you some fun facts you may not know about chickens, what the difference between caged, free range & organic really is & all the exciting things he is doing with  Chicken Track to bring chickens to you!



1:01- Podcast start and intro Terry Osborne with Chicken Track. Nate also shares some fun facts that he found about chickens. 

4:49- Terry talks about all the chicken breeds that are out there including PolishBuff OrpingtonAmeraucana, and Maran, which chickens produce white eggs vs. brown eggs and what male, female and baby chickens are called.

8:51- Some other fun facts about chickens and roosters from the dances they do to the females being able to reject an egg.

11:52- Some background info on Terry and how he got into chicken farming and eggs. He also talks about how he is a third-generation poultry farmer but he believes that it goes back even further than that.

17:00- Terry talks about when he was younger manning 5,000 chickens, gathering the eggs & how he was able to gather over 4,500 eggs a day.

18:21- Nate and Kim talk about their son’s experience at farm camp and the chickens figuring out places to lay eggs without being disturbed by all the children.

20:17- Future Farmers of America. Terry talks about working with the FFA when he was a teenager and all the cool things he got to do.

23:48- Starting a cage-free business. Terry talks about starting 1 of the first cage-free egg businesses with his family 1991 called Nest Fresh and how difficult it was at first to get into the big box stores because no one wanted to be the first to do it.

30:17- Free Range vs. Caged vs. Organic. Terry talks about all the different kinds of eggs that are sold in grocery stores including Caged, Cage-Free, the Outdoor Category and Organic and why the industry went from being pasture raised to caging chickens. Terry also talks about the different certification processes for organic and cage-free and the loopholes that the bigger companies use to make it seem like they are completely cage-free.

44:14- The Egg Process. Terry walks us through the process from the hatchery to getting eggs.

50:48- Cultural beliefs and eggs. They talk about how some cultures like to eat fertilized eggs and the reasons why. Terry talks about the Balut Egg which is an Asian delicacy where they incubate the eggs and then they stop the incubation.

52:40- Terry talks about some fun stories he has from raising chickens. He also talks about why they hold their heads up when they drink.

59:31- Chicken Track. Terry talks about starting his company Chicken Track and what exactly it is. He talks about how the company started with just selling eggs and now they are wanting to teach other people how to run chicken farms so they have come up with trailers a.k.a. chicken RVs that can basically bring the pastured chickens to you.

1:09:44- Where to find out more about about Chicken Track. Phone- 303-434-3901 or Email- info@chickentrackeggs.com

01:12:58- "So let it be written so let it be done". Terry's message to the listeners.

01:14:20- Wrapping up and final thoughts. Subscribe!