Episode 8: Food Is The Universal Language

Eat well, Live well. That is our message for this podcast. Amy Nelms with Live Well Colorado, joins us to talk about what the program does to increase education for health & healthy eating in the community. We also discuss some crazy things that are going on in the school system with food, touch on the farm bill and talk about how SNAP & Double Up Food Bucks are helping people eat good food & live happier lives.


1:02- Podcast start and intro to Amy Nelms with Live Well Colorado. Amy talks about Live Well Colorado, gives a little background about what it is and talks about what she does to teach health and wellness to kids and society to promote healthy eating.

7:49- Cooking Matters Colorado. Amy talks about the education that is being done to teach people how to eat good food and cook healthy. She also talks about the consumer today and how hard it is to figure out what is actually healthy.

11:34- Cross contamination. They talk about how it is still important to wash your fruits & vegetables before you eat them to reduce contamination. Amy talks about the cross contamination that can happen with food transport and she talks about how some onions can make her sick.

15:15- Double Up Food Bucks. Amy talks about her role with the Double Up Food Bucks program, what exactly it is and why she loves the program.

25:31- Community assesements. Amy talks about the part of her job that she really loves as far as social work and urban planning.

27:56- School Food Initiative. Amy talks about what it is and what they do to teach school directors how to cook healthy foods for kids in the lunch room and how to budget for doing that.

35:04- The policy team at Live Well Colorado. She talks about the different stuff that is being done with their policy team including transportation, legislation, and the farm bill. They talk about the farm bill & how much it effects people and how so many do not know how much it will effect them.

38:07- The milk system. Amy talks about how they are trying to fix the current milk system at schools and how schools can be penalized if kids do not drink all the milk that was delivered.

43:12- Live Well Colorado's impact on the Local economy. Amy talks about the impact Live Well Colorado has on the local economy. She also talks about the connection between physical activity, food and health in the community.

50:56- Amy shares the one message she would give to people about healthier eating and the community.

52:05- The misconceptions out there that people have about SNAP. She talks about how SNAP is not a life-long assistance program but more of an emergency assistance program.

57:25- Where to find out more about Live Well Colorado to donate or just learn about all the awesome things that they are doing.

58:39- Wrap up, final thoughts & Subscribe!