Episode 12: Know Your Food

We are joined by chef, restaurant owner, and newbie farmer Taylor Drew, to dive into everything farming. Taylor is new to farming but is not new to food. As a classically trained chef, Taylor has spent years perfecting his craft and has learned that you cannot create amazing food without the best quality ingredients. We cover what led Taylor to where he is today after leaving the military,  how Taylor is working towards being able to plant acres that are menus and why it is so important for him to share with others to know your food. If you are interested in farming, gardening, cooking or feeding your family from farm to table, you will love this podcast.


-What Taylor is doing as a farmer, chef & a restaurant owner through Chatfield Farms, Bromley LocalFoods Campus, LoHi Steak Bar & LoHi Local Coffee Shop.

-Taylor's experience with farming so far, what he has learned and some of the frustrations that come along with farming.

-Veterans to Farmers. What it is, how they are helping veterans and what Taylor's experience was like with VTF.

-Some of the transferable skills from the military to farming and how that ties into Taylor being a classically trained chef.

-Farm to table restaurants and chefs that are planting items specifically for the menus at their restaurants and the new things farmers are doing to their food to stand out from the rest.

-What specifically Taylor is growing at the farms he is running including beets, mixed greens, radishes, tomatoes, beans, peas, corn and much more.

-The planting seasons. We talk about what is planted for fall and when, when is too early or too late to plant and what thrives at certain times of the year. They also talk about how Kohlrabi is becoming a very popular substitute for kale.

-Some of the challenges Taylor has faced early in his farming career and the different things out there right now to help farmers farm organically and make their foods taste better without technically being certified. 

-The farm to table dinner they are putting on that is a chef/farmer collaboration with 6 chefs and 6 farms using an ingredient from each farm. Get tickets for the August 25th event.

-Volunteering to help at the farm. Ways you can help volunteer if you are local. Email Taylor for volunteer opportunities - taylor@foreverwestgrain.com

-Where to find out more about LoHi Steak Bar, when are the best times to go and what the happy hour is.