Episode 13: How To Be A Ninja... Get Up & Keep Trying

American Ninja Warrior has become a household name but, do you know what it truly means to be a ninja? We have veteran climber and 7-time contestant of ANW, Brian Arnold here to tell you how he became a ninja, some inside information about the show and how he sees this season turning out. We also talk about Brian's new venture in bringing ninja obstacle courses to cities all over the country through Nation Ninja Mobile, what he does outside of being a ninja including his passion for prepping and something we are extremely excited about, the Nation Ninja Mobile obstacle course coming to our farm festival this fall, which will give people the opportunity to compete against American Ninja Warrior contestants for a chance to WIN $7,500! This podcast is one you cannot miss.


-What is a ninja? Brian walks us through what it means and where it originated from. 

-Brian success on American Ninja Warrior the TV show, how he trained for his first appearance on the show and how that has progressed to where he is now with making it to the final stage in Vegas 7 times.

-Is American Ninja Warrior real? Brian explains how the show works and why it is so much harder to compete than it looks on tv.

-Brian walks us through some of the crazy things fans do not realize about the show as far as what the ninjas go through.

-Ninja Nation Mobile. Brian talks about pairing up with other ninjas to create a new company where they are opening up ninja gyms all over the country and also bringing the obstacle courses to you for parties, events, and festivals.

-Prepping. Brian shares some of his other passions outside of being a ninja including chess and being a prepper. He talks about why prepping is so important and gives us some tips on what to think about when prepping and how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

-The Farm Festival & Bromley Farm. Nate, Kim & Brian talk about all the cool things that are going on at the farm for this year's fall festival including the most exciting element, the Ninja Nation Mobile ninja competition in which people can compete against American Ninja Warrior contestants for a grand prize of $7,500 for women and $7,500 for men.

To Find out more about Ninja Nation Mobile visit- https://ninjanation.com/ninja-nation-mobile

To Find out more about the Bromley Farm Festival & how to compete against American Ninja Warriors for $7,500 visit- http://www.historicbromleyfarm.com/festival.php