Episode 10: Be Kind, Eat Well & Finish Your Foods With Chutney

We have a fun podcast for you this week, covering everything from Osteopathy & health to chutney. We are joined by Dr. of Osteopathy Neha Valeja & her brother & business partner, Samir Valeja. Neha shares the history of Osteopathy (which may surprise some), what exact she does as a DO & gives us her thoughts on eating healthy. Then Samir, joins us to talk about their company, Mile High Masala, and all the amazing chutneys they are making from fresh healthy ingredients.


1:02- Intro Dr. Neha Valeja. She talks about her background and some of the misconceptions out there about the history of Osteopathy. She talks about what exactly Osteopathy is and her goal as a DO.

5:59- Dr. Velaja talks about why she wanted to get into Osteopathy, how it works as far as being a Doctor or a DO and how she can treat everything that a doctor can treat.

12:25- What Dr. Valeja likes the most about her area of practice and her different approaches to different ailments such as back pain, migraines, cold and flu and psycho somatic.

26:26- She shares some stories from times were she has helped people and how awesome of a feeling it was to solve their problems.

29:34- Healthy eating. What Dr. Valeja thinks about healthy eating and some of the diets that are out there. She also talks about her thoughts on organic and conventional.

41:46- We are joined by Neha's brother Samir to talk about their family business, Mile High Masala, where they make chutneys. They talk about what exactly chutneys are, what they do to their chutneys to make them so amazing and share some of the challenges they have experienced in this new business.

51:59- Where you can currently find their products, what they are planning to do in the future to reach more people & they also talk about the curry kits they are selling.

54:25- Neha and Samir share their message that they would like to tell the world.