Episode 9: Heirloom Catering- Work Hard, Stay Humble

Joining us is Michelle Garcia with Heirloom Catering to talk about everything food. She shares some of her favorite stories of catering events, some of her favorite recipes & why it is so important to her to shop local & focus on exclusivity to combine vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free options into all of her meals so everyone can eat amazing food.



1:02- Podcast start and intro Michelle Garcia with Heirloom Catering. Michelle talks about her background and how she got in to catering.

7:23- The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute. Michelle talks about what it’s all about and why she enjoyed it so much.

9:46- The Sushi Den fundraising events Michelle has been involved with and how awesome it was to see everyone gather together because of food.

14:45- Michelle‘s experience of catering an event needing 800 sticky buns and why it was such an amazing cultural experience. Check out Celestial Bakery

19:10- Local, local, local. Michelle talks about how she focuses on local and exclusivity to combine vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options to all of the meals she prepares so everyone can eat.

26:25- What it’s like being a small business owner and some of the misconceptions out there regarding catering.

32:11- Cooking and catering. Michelle shares some of her favorite things to cook and why it’s so important to have great ingredients.

40:00- Secrets of catering and everything that goes into it that people don’t think of.

56:16- Michelle‘s last thoughts and some of the triumphs & accolades she has had with her company.

01:01:46- Wrapping up, final thoughts and where to find Heirloom Catering - Web - Facebook

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